HIPS Sheet/Board/Panel HIPS1001

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Item: HIPS sheet

HIPS sheet owns a high level ability of anti-impact and anti-crack by environmental strength ,

Possess excellent and balanced function,meanwhile it can make uners produce qualified thermo-forming parts by lower cost .

Thickness : 0.6mm~8mm             Max.width :1900mm

Sheets of High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) are predominantly used for indoor applications. But by means of specific modifications, it can also be used for outdoor applications and shows excellent thermoforming properties.

Main technical parameter as follows:


 HIPS Series
 Tensile strength
≥16 (Mpa)
 Impact strength
≥60 (J/m)
 Hardness by the ball Indentation
≥55 (n.MM2)
 Vica softening point
≥80 (℃)
 Size change rate
-20 ~ +5 (%)



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