ABS sheet/board/panel ABS 1001

Item Code:ABS 1001 Features:Thickness from 0.6mm~8mm, the max. width is 1900mm .
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Item: ABS Sheet

1) Specification :   Thickness from 0.6mm~8mm, the max. width is 1900mm .

2) Speciality :    It owns a perfect low temperature and chemical resistance,a high level tensile and impact strength,a nice thermo-forming character.

3)Samples for application :  Refrigerators's door liner, inner liner and some other purposes .

ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) shows a good respectively excellent impact resistance, also at low temperatures. ABS has a good heat distortion temperature and chemical resistance. It has excellent thermoforming properties and can be used for various applications.

Main tech parameter as follows :
 ABS Series
Tensile strength
≥40 (Mpa)
 Impact strength
≥280 (J/m)
 Hardness by the ball Indentation
≥65 (n.MM2)
 Vica softening point
≥95 (℃)
 Size change rate
-20 ~ +5 (%)


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